The Need

The term “copyright” can be taken at face value; it simply means “the right to copy.”

Many church music leaders who have made efforts to honor the law and have tried to obtain permission first from the copyright owner before making copies have found this to be a time-consuming challenge and in many cases, an administrative nightmare.

The Solution

Over 160,000 churches across North America trust the coverage provided by the Church Copyright License.

CCLI has done all the hard work for you. We have negotiated agreements with songwriters and publishers from around the world. This agreement allows churches to copy from over 300,000 worship songs to assist with congregational singing.

Details & Pricing

To get the most accurate information, choose a license type below:

Single Ministry

A church or ministry that meets primarily in one location.

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A church that meets in multiple locations.

How is this determined?

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A single event such as a conference or special meeting.

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A traveling ministry or individual who uses the license in multiple locations.

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Group License Benefits: Did you know that CCLI offers special benefits to groups of affiliated churches or ministries? For more information about Group License Benefits, please contact or call 800-234-2446, extension 1417.

How to Determine If You Need a Multi-Site License

CCLI uses the following criteria to help determine if a church is a “multi-site” church:

  • One church meeting in multiple locations (sites)
  • All sites share a common vision, budget, leadership and board
  • A site may be a full time facility or may be a facility rented just for the service such as a theater or school

Please note that CCLI can cover sites located in multiple states or provinces, but cannot cover sites in multiple countries under a single Multi-Site License. Sites in different countries will need to be covered by their own standard Church Copyright License (if available).

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