New Online Reporting

If you have reported copy activity in the past, you will notice some big changes this time. We have streamlined the reporting process and we’ve added categories for Digital and Translation.

We have also made changes to the reporting tool to make it easier to find and report songs, including the ability to reference the SongSelect songs you have recently used.


New Sign In

We have a new sign-in process for reporting. Please read these instructions as the sign in process has changed.

  1. Go to
  2. Create your own profile to sign in by selecting the “Create Your Profile” tab and following the simple steps. Note: SongSelect users, you can use your existing user name and password.
  3. The first time you sign in, you will need to link your profile to the church or organization for which you are reporting copy activity. Please use the ACCESS CODE that was mailed to your church.

How to Begin Once You've Signed In

  1. It all starts with a search. Get your list of songs for the week, and enter the title of the first song into the search field at the top of the home page. Click the Search icon.
  2. On the Search Results page, use the song details to verify the song you’re searching for, and click the “Report Song” button.
  3. Report your activity for each of the categories. (For each category, you can click the “?” icon for explanations and examples.) When finished, click the “Add To Report” button.
  4. Repeat this process for all the songs on your list.

Even if you don’t think your church will have any copy activity in this report period, please create a User Profile and access the site anyway. This confirms your church’s entry into the Copy Report period, which is vital to the process.

Reporting Categories

  • The reproduction (i.e. printing, copying or handwriting) of songs in bulletins, song sheets, songbooks, transparencies, slides and similar forms intended for one-time or recurrent usage; and the creation and reproduction of custom musical arrangements of songs (for instruments and/or voices exclusively for use in church worship services and only where no published version is available).


    Church Alpha reproduces a song in print form for the weekly bulletin. 200 copies of the bulletin are printed. The person reporting should enter one (1) for the original print copy, not 200 for the number of copies made and distributed. Also, three unique custom arrangements of a song were made for, and distributed among, Church Alpha's string, brass and percussion sections, totaling ten members. The person reporting should enter three (3) for the number of unique arrangements made, not ten for the number of copies distributed.


    Report one (1) copy activity each time a song is reproduced in bulletin, song sheet, songbook, transparency, slide or similar forms, or a custom arrangement is made. Do not enter the number of copies made.

  • The saving of songs in digital format into, and the retrieval of songs in digital format from, computer software; and the sharing of songs in digital format among authorized church recipients (e.g. worship team members).


    Church Alpha saves a particular song in digital format into both PowerPoint and its worship planning software. The church enters two (2) reproductions for each file saving activity. Additionally, the church retrieves a song in digital format from PowerPoint for purposes of projection. This action constitutes another (1) reportable reproduction event. Further, the sending of a song in digital format to worship team members constitutes another (1) reportable event, regardless of the number of recipients. A total of four (4) reproduction activities are reported in this scenario. Note: any subsequent reproduction of a digital file into physical form (e.g. print) is a separate and distinct reportable event under the Print category.


    Report one (1) copy activity each time a song is stored into or retrieved from computer software; and each time a digital file is shared with worship team members.

  • The recording of live worship services containing copyright protected songs in audio and/or video format (including congregational singing, anthems, choirs, offertories, handbell music, keyboard arrangements, orchestrations and vocal/instrumental performances). Note: pre-recorded “trax” cannot be recorded or copied in any manner. Each unique song in a musical or medley is to be reported (e.g. a Christmas musical is recorded onto videotape, each unique song in the musical is to be reported).

    Note: Audio and video recordings represent two separate forms of reproduction. If a song is recorded in both formats, please report a reproduction activity of one (1) for each type.


    Church Alpha records its worship service during which five songs are sung. Forty recordings are duplicated and distributed. One (1) reproduction should be reported for each song.


    Report one (1) copy activity each time a song is recorded. Do not report the number of recordings made and distributed.

  • The translation of a song’s lyrics from the original published version into a preferred language, exclusively for use in church worship services and only where no published version is available.


    Church Alpha translates the lyrics of a song originally published in the English language into Danish (a permitted activity because a Danish version of the song is not available).


    Report one (1) copy activity pertaining to the creation of the translation.


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