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Hands raised in worship with song lyrics projected on screens in the background Hands raised in worship with song lyrics projected on screens in the background

Church Copyright License®

The Challenge

Understanding the many copyright issues related to music is complicated. Moreover, the law is confusing.

For churches, schools or organizations, a seemingly honest error or omission can be embarrassing, time-consuming, and costly. At the same time, the law seeks fairness and protection for all parties.

The Solution

CCLI makes copyright easy. With the CCLI Church Copyright License, churches, organizations and schools can be legally covered.

With the license options, you are covered for the copying activities listed below. All while saving administrative time, effort and expense.

The CCLI Church Copyright License covers the following:

Access Lyrics - NEW!

Easily access more than 200,000 song lyrics through SongSelect


Display Lyrics

Enter and store song lyrics on any computer for visual projection to assist with congregational singing

Print Songs

Print songs, hymns and lyrics in bulletins, programs, liturgies and song sheets for congregational singing

Record Services

Record and capture your worship services (audio and video), provided you only are recording live music

Make Custom Arrangements

Arrange, print and copy your own vocal and instrumental arrangements for congregational singing where a published version is not available

Translate Songs

Translate song lyrics into any other language for congregational singing where a published version is not accessible or available


See our CCLI Church Copyright License Manual for more details

Optional Rehearsal and Streaming license add-ons:

CCLI Rehearsal License

This additional coverage enables duplication and sharing of commercial audio recordings when sharing via email, external drives or with worship planning software and sites.

View Terms of Agreement and Labels Covered

Share Digital Downloads

For those recordings legally covered and digital audio files legally purchased

Leverage Planning Software

Share legally purchased music using planning software like Planning Center, Onsong or ProPresenter

CCLI Streaming License™ and CCLI Streaming Plus License™

An optional coverage designed to enable streaming or podcasting of recorded worship services. The Streaming License provides coverage for nearly 450,000 songs covered under the CCLI Church Copyright License.

View Terms of Agreement

Stream or Podcast Services

Post live-recorded worship service on your church’s site or other streaming platform

Relax, You’re Covered

Safe streaming for nearly 450,000 songs covered under the CCLI Church Copyright License

Stream Master Recordings and Multitracks NEW!

Use master recordings and multitracks (e.g. stems, backing tracks, community tracks) to enhance your online church experience.

License Restrictions

The CCLI Rehearsal license allows you to legally copy commercial audio recordings and your own custom rehearsal tracks, and share audio files via email, flash drives or on worship planning websites. The copies are intended for rehearsal purposes only, and are not intended to remain as permanent copies for personal collections.

License Restrictions

The CCLI Streaming license allows you to stream or podcast your live-recorded worship service music on your church’s website or other streaming services. So you can now include your music along with the Pastor’s message as you webcast your church service. The Streaming license does not cover the streaming of secular songs. If your church wants to webcast performances of secular songs, you may want to a consider a webcasting license from the performance rights societies (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC) or other service companies. Please contact CCLI at 1-800-234-2446 for assistance.

Record Labels covered by Rehearsal License

Check this list of authorized record labels to find out if the music you’d like to copy or share is covered by the CCLI Rehearsal license. If it’s listed here, it’s covered!

Adoration Publications
Alleluia Music
ALM (Abundant Life Ministries UK/Abundant Life Church)
Alpha Praise Music
Andrew Peterson Records (The Far Country album)
Ark Records
Beacon Hill Music
BEC Recordings
Benson Choral
Benson Music Publications
Benson Records
Bethel Music
Big Steps 4 U
Brentwood Choral
Brentwood Kids Music Company (excluding listening CDs)
Brentwood Music
Brentwood Music Publications
C. A. Records
Canaan Records
Canadian International Music
Candela Music Press
Capitol / Gotee
Capitol Christian Music Group
Capitol CMG Label Group
Capitol Music Group / Sparrow Records
Cedarmont Kids
Centricity Music
Centricity Records
CFNI (Christ for the Nations) – select albums
Children’s Music Series
Choristers Guild
Church of the Highlands Records
City Christian Publishing
Clear Sight Music
Concord Worship
Corey Voss
Covenant Worship (Covenant Church)
Credential Recordings
Curb Records
Dayspring Records
Deluge Music (Bethany Church)
Difference Media Group
Dovetail Music
Doxology and Theology Records
Eaglemont Entertainment
EMI / Gospel / NuSpring Records
EMI Christian Music Group
EMI Gospel / Pure Songs
EMI Records Nashville
Encouraging Music
Essential Records
Essential Records / Legacy
Essential Worship
Ever Devoted
Everland Entertainment
Exaltation Publications
Excel Series
Fair Trade
Fair Trade Services
Fair Trade Services, LLC
Fervent Records
Flicker Records
ForeFront Records
Forerunner Music
Fortunate Fall Records
Forty Records
Fred Bock Music Company (No Children’s Musicals)
Friends of the Bridegroom dba Forerunner Music
G3 Worship Music
Gaither Gospel Series
Gaither Music Company
Gaither Music Group
Gateway Worship (Gateway Create Publishing) (Selected Albums)
Getty Music
Getty Music Label LLC
GettyMusic Records
Gotee / Capitol
Gotee / Maverick
Gotee / Mono Vs Stereo
Gotee Music (Admin)
Gotee Records
Gotee Records/Lookalive
Green Hill
Green Hill Productions
Group Publishing
Heritage Music
Heritage Music Press
Hey Ruth Music (Waterdeep album only)
Hillsong Church T/A Hillsong Music Australia
Hillsong Music Australia
Hope Publishing (Excluding Musicals and Cantatas)
Hosanna! / EPIC
Hosanna! Music
Infuse Records
INO Records
Integrity / Columbia
Integrity / EPIC
Integrity Gospel
Integrity Media
Integrity Music
Jesus Culture
Kikstart Records
Kingsway Music Under Exclusive License to EMI Christian Music Group
Lakeview Media (1 album)
Laurel Press
LifeWay Kids
LifeWay Ninos
LifeWay Worship
LifeWay Worship c/o FBC Woodstock
Lillenas Kids
Lillenas Publishing Company
Lillenas Publishing Company (Record)
Lillenas Records
Lindsborg Music Press
Live Bait Productions
Lorenz Publishing Company
Loving Care Children (a div of Spring Hill Music Group, Inc.)
Man Alive Records
Maranatha Record Company
Maranatha! Music
Martingale Music
Monarch Music
Mono vs. Stereo
Montjoy Music
Myers Music Services
Myrrh Records
NAP Records
Nazarene Publishing House
New Life Worship (New Life Church)
North Point Music (Records)
Parachute Music (select titles)
Pilot Point Music
Planetshakers (Planet Shakers)
PlanetShakers Ministries International
PlanetShakers Records
Praisegathering Music Publications
Prestonwood Worship
Provident Label Group
PsalmSinger Music
Purifoy Publishing Company
Radiant Music
Rain On Me Records
Ransom Records
Reach Records
Red Rocks Worship
Red Tie Music
Red Tie Records
Rend Collective
Reunion Records
Roger Dean Publishing Company
Sacred Music Press
Sacred Songs
Save the City Records
Six Steps (SIX)
sixstepsrecords/Sparrow Records
Slanted Records
Solid State Records
Sonshine Productions
Southern Faith Songs
Sovereign Grace Ministries
Sovereign Grace Music
Sparrow Label Third Party
Sparrow Records
Spring Hill Music
Spring Hill Music Group, Inc.
Spring Hill Worship
Spring House Production
Spring House, Inc.
Squint Entertainment
Star Song Music
Steve Green Ministries
Stolen Pride
StraightWay Music
Survivor Records Under Exclusive License to EMI Christian Music Group
The MWS Group
Tooth & Nail Records
Tooth & Nail, LLC
Triune Echo
Triune Music
Troubadour for the Lord Records
Unison Records
Unity Music Press
UpRok Records
Varietal Records / Vineyard Music
Venture3 Media
Vertical Music
Vineyard Music
Vineyard Worship
Vireo Records, a division of Sparrow Communications Group
White Dove Productions
Willow Creek Association
Word Group Australia
Word Kids
Word Kidz
Word Music
Word Records
Worship In Unison
Worship Together

Covering a diverse range of ministries and events

We know that one size doesn’t fit every ministry. To meet your needs, we have tailored a Copyright License specifically for you.

Single Ministry

A church or ministry that meets primarily in one location

Multi-Site Ministry

A church or ministry that meets in multiple locations

Criteria for a Multi-Site Ministry

Traveling Ministry

A ministry or individual who uses the license in multiple locations

*Some restrictions apply

One-Time Event

A single event such as a concert, conference or special meeting

How to Determine If You Need a Multi-Site License

CCLI uses the following criteria to help determine if a church is a “multi-site” church:

Please note that CCLI can cover sites located in multiple states or provinces, but cannot cover sites in multiple countries under a single Multi-Site License. Sites in different countries will need to be covered by their own standard Church Copyright License (if available).

The Mobile License is the same as the Church Copyright License, except:

Have we covered the songs you love?

With more than 500,000 songs available from more than 3,000 publishers, you can rest assured that the songs you love are covered. Use SongSelect to find the legal songs that fit your need.

Church Copyright License Pricing

Select the Church Copyright License that best represents your ministry. Optional Rehearsal and Streaming coverages enable sharing and podcasting. Or simply pick the one-time Event License you need for your special event.

Optional license add-ons
Copyright License
Covers storing lyrics, printing songs, recording services, making custom arrangements, projecting or displaying lyrics and translating songs.
Optional. Enables streaming or podcasting of recorded worship services.
Legally copy commercial audio recordings and share audio files via email, flash drives or on worship planning websites.
Base Cost (Annually)
Additional (Annually)
Additional (Annually)
AH: 1–24
Congregational sizes between 1 and 24 people.
Base cost is 70 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 73 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 100 dollars, annually.
A: 25–99
Congregational sizes between 25 and 99 people.
Base cost is 150 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 76 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 128 dollars, annually.
B: 100-199
Congregational sizes between 100 and 199 people.
Base cost is 256 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 93 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 162 dollars, annually.
C: 200-499
Congregational sizes between 200 and 499 people.
Base cost is 348 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 110 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 192 dollars, annually.
D: 500-999
Congregational sizes between 500 and 999 people.
Base cost is 487 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 143 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 251 dollars, annually.
E: 1,000-1,499
Congregational sizes between 1,000 and 1,499 people.
Base cost is 594 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 208 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 311 dollars, annually.
F: 1,500-2,999
Congregational sizes between 1,500 and 2,999 people.
Base cost is 735 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 277 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 371 dollars, annually.
G: 3,000-4,999
Congregational sizes between 3,000 and 4,999 people.
Base cost is 831 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 345 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 491 dollars, annually.
H: 5,000-9,999
Congregational sizes between 5,000 and 9,999 people.
Base cost is 1.049 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 410 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 610 dollars, annually.
I: 10,000-19,999
Congregational sizes between 10,000 and 19,999 people.
Base cost is 1,257 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 542 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 610 dollars, annually.
J: 20,000-49,999
Congregational sizes between 20,000 and 9,999 people.
Base cost is 1,672 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 672 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 610 dollars, annually.
K: 50,000-99,999
Congregational sizes between 50,000 and 99,999 people.
Base cost is 2,506 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 1,002 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 610 dollars, annually.
L: 100,000-199,999
Congregational sizes between 100,000 and 199,999 people.
Base cost is 4,228 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 1,332 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 610 dollars, annually.
M: 200,000+
Congregational sizes above 200,000 people.
Base cost is 6,810 dollars, annually.
Stream is an additional 1,991 dollars, annually.
Rehearse is an additional 610 dollars, annually.
Event License
A single event such as a concert, conference or special meeting.
One-time Cost
Attendance of 1 to 24, a one-time cost of 40 dollars.
Attendance of 25 to 99, a one-time cost of 63 dollars.
Attendance of 100 to 199, a one-time cost of 103 dollars.
Attendance of 200 to 499, a one-time cost of 141 dollars.
Attendance of 500 to 999, a one-time cost of 198 dollars.
Attendance of 1,000 to 1,499, a one-time cost of 239 dollars.
Attendance of 1,500 to 2,999, a one-time cost of 296 dollars.
Attendance of 3,000 to 4,999 a one-time cost of 332 dollars.
Attendance of 5,000 to 9,999 a one-time cost of 419 dollars.
Attendance of 10,000 to 19,999, a one-time cost of 504 dollars.
Attendance of 20,000 to 49,999, a one-time cost of 669 dollars.
Attendance of 50,000 to 99,999, a one-time cost of 1,003 dollars.
Attendance of 100,000 to 199,999, a one-time cost of 1,693 dollars.
Attendance above 200,000 a one-time cost of 2,725 dollars.

Multi-site Ministry?

For churches or ministries that meet at multiple locations,
please call us for an estimate: 1-800-234-2446 x4

Ensure your church is covered. Order or renew a license.

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Talk with a knowledgeable specialist, M-F, 6 am to 5 pm, PT.

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Contact CCLI with general questions or comments

Email CCLI
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